Who’s behind the Canadian Memorial Foundation?

The Foundation was established in the early 1990s to create a physical monument to Canadian soldiers who’ve fought alongside the British – and a living one, in the shape of academic awards to bright scholars.

About the Canada Memorial Foundation

Today, the team is made up of staff in the UK, a network of volunteers, and our invaluable donors – businesses, organisations and individuals who want to honour our unique connection between Canada and the UK

It is the Trustees’ intention to continue to raise the profile of the Foundation at leading British and Canadian Universities, in order to ensure that the best candidates are aware and apply for the CMF scholarships. The Trustees also intend to grow the programme, so that more scholarships can be awarded every year. The fund in 2015 is sufficient to support one to two per year; by 2018 we aim to support four to five per year.

The Canada Memorial Foundation is a charitable foundation.

We receive no government funding. The Foundation is run entirely by a voluntary Board of Directors. All costs of administration are kept to an absolute minimum.