Whether your passion is arts, sciences or business, if you are bright, brave and ready to make the most of every moment, we would like you to apply.


To us, it’s about identifying tomorrow’s leaders – individuals with the potential to inspire others with their choices and actions.

So far, we’ve enabled 30 exceptional individuals – from journalists, professors, scientists and politicians in the making, to visual and creative artists. Every one has gone on to achieve great things and act as an ambassador for a connected Canada and Great Britain.

Full scholarships are available to British students applying for any year-long postgraduate course with an accredited Canadian further education provider

  • The Awards are offered annually for British students or graduates wishing to pursue a postgraduate course at a university or other appropriate institution in Canada.
  • The Awards, tenable for one year only, will cover airfares, fees, maintenance, accommodations and other allowances.
  • Candidates applying for courses of more than one year may be required to provide assurances that they have sources of additional funding available to them that will enabled them to complete the course (These awards are not available for study at a doctoral level).
  • Candidates should be United Kingdom citizens resident within the United Kingdom. They should hold, or expect to hold, a first or upper second-class Honours degree. In addition they should be able to show convincing reasons why they wish to study in Canada.
  • Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate leadership and ambassadorial qualities as well as strong academic credentials.

A Panel of Trustees and the Canada Memorial Foundation Academic Committee interview the top candidates selected from the application process early in the New Year. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge of and interest in their chosen field of study and their reasons for studying in Canada.

“I am now starting a PhD at the University of Edinburgh with Professor Leigh-Brown, a world leader in the field of viral evolution. There is no doubt in my mind that this was made possible by the Canada Memorial Foundation scholarship.” Manon, Bio-informatics Evolutionary Genetics, year of scholarship 2010

Value of the Award

• A personal maintenance allowance at the rate of C$1,100 per month for 11 months.
• Student concessionary or other approved air-fares to Canada and return on expiry of the scholarship (the cost of journeys made before receipt of the awards will not normally be reimbursed, nor can fares be paid for a scholar’s dependents.)
• Approved tuition and examination fees where necessary.
• A grant of not normally more than C$250 towards the cost of final presentation of the thesis, where applicable.
• A grant of C$300 for expenses of approved study travel within Canada.
• A grant of C$1,100 towards books, warm clothing or incidental accommodation needs.
• Approved medical insurance.

These emoluments are not subject to United Kingdom tax.

Note: The rates shown may be subject to revision.

“Being awarded the scholarship to Canada and the experience I had really made me. If I had my time again I would definitely apply to Canada Memorial Foundation and to the same course at university it was a high point in my life.” Louise, Literary Agent, year of scholarship 2005